About Us

Handcrafted metal smithed jewelry and accessories, made in Edmonton,Canada.

Making something of value for customers is important to me. I love handmade products as they offer something different to the marketplace and custom options you can never get in regular stores.
My stamped jewelry is an extension of me,and is an expression of you to the world. What do you want to say?

I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I used to make stuff and sell it even as a kid. One day I hope to open my own shop full of handmade goods from all over the world.I currently live have a house with my boyfriend and little black cat named Kannika.I have a part time job working at a beading/gemstone store(great for me eh? :P )

I've been making jewelry for about 11 years now. I've also done graphics and hand painted glass and made rocks into adorable garden animals. Crafting is in my blood and it's never coming out. I have a need to express myself with my hands and I hope you enjoy all the lovely items I make for you.

Thank you for stopping by,and let me know if there's anything I can make just for you!